Keep the Race to Donate Alive: Support We Don’t Waste in Cherry Creek

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We're all on the way to a positive outlook for the remainder of 2021. However, for some of our favorite events, things look a whole lot like they did in 2020. Unfortunately, that goes for one of the most popular events in Cherry Creek, The Cherry Creek Sneak. The annual run for charity is canceled once again because of COVID-19.

Although the famed event is canceled, the team that puts on The Cherry Creek Sneak wants you to continue to help the cause We Don't Waste. Founded in 2009 with a mission to reclaim and distribute quality food to those in need. The Organization has recovered over 30,000,000 meals for the hungry, making them one of the state's largest food recovery organizations.

Just in the Denver metro area alone, there are 50 "food deserts – neighborhoods." These neighborhoods don't have access to fresh, nutritious foods that are affordable. Many of these neighborhoods don't even have access to food pantries.

To help, We Don't Waste opens mobile food markets throughout these neighborhoods. Since the pandemic, more and more people need help. If you want to donate or support We Don't Waste, click here.

Hopefully, you can enjoy the annual fun at the Cherry Creek Sneak next year, where you can run, have fun and enjoy a beer with great company. As far as 2021 goes, let's all race support an excellent cause for those that need it most. Donate to We Don't Waste today.

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