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Virtual Tours
Take a Virtual Tour

Even though we are physically distancing right now, that doesn’t mean you can’t look for your next home safely. Take a virtual tour of your next luxury apartment at The Residences at Fillmore Plaza.

From the comfort and safety of your home, you can get an in-depth virtual tour of several of our luxury apartment floorplans. Quickly move throughout each space as if you’re walking through each apartment. Get a scaled look at what life will be like in some of the nicest apartments in the heart of Cherry Creek North.

Explore with Multiple Views

Our virtual tour technology allows you to explore your next apartment from multiple views and angles. One angle that you can’t get in person is the “dollhouse” view. It’s a 3-D, top-down image of each apartment, which gives you a perfect view of each layout. You can take control and literally spin the image so that you won’t miss an angle. Once you’ve seen the space from the outside, you can walk into your tour, guiding yourself through each room. One of the most exciting parts of the technology is that you can easily click and take measurements. It’s as if you were exploring the apartment in-person. After touring your apartment, you can take a virtual tour of the fitness center and explore our photo gallery that showcases many of our other amenities The Residences has to offer.

Is it comforting to see a place in person? Yes. However, in times like these, virtual tours are the best way to find your next luxury apartment. Check out the floorplans from The Residences at Fillmore Plaza. Then call to set up a virtual meeting today.

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