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Get Your Home Ready For Fall: Unique Fall Decor Trends |The Residences at Fillmore Plaza

Get Your Home Ready For Fall: Unique Fall Decor Trends

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Who doesn’t love fall? Especially in Colorado. Yes. We’re still in the middle of August, and temperatures are in the 90s. But, before you know it, we’ll have cooler weather, and the smell of pumpkin spice will fill the air while we enjoy the seasonal change. This means it’s time to cozy up your home with fall decor. To help, here are some of the latest unique fall decor trends for 2022.

Press Leaf Gallery

Nothing says fall like the changing colors of leaves on the trees. Why not showcase the beautiful colors in your apartment? Find leaves that have changed and press them between wax paper and the pages of a large book under heavier books. Then, put them in a rustic picture frame on your wall.

Add Seasonal Throw Pillows

One of the easier ways to get your home ready for fall is by adding throw pillows to your couch and chairs. Look for warm shades like orange, red and yellow for a cozy look.

Dress Your Mantel

Lean on the fall theme on your mantel. Find fabric swatches that have ware fall colors and patterns. You can cut them out into leaves and thread them together to create a unique leaf garland.

Create a Fall Tablescape

Accent your table with warm fall colors. Use dark reds, deep greens, and some gold to create a fall feel.

Dried Flower Wreath

Dried flowers are a big trend right now. Fall is the perfect time to shape sticks, flowers, grass, and dried fruit into a wreath for an inviting fall door or wall decoration.

You can find these inspiring ideas and more here. If you’re looking for up-close inspiration, take a day or a weekend and explore the many locally-owned boutiques, shops, and galleries throughout Cherry Creek North. When you live at The Residences at Fillmore Plaza, you can find all of your design ideas in your neighborhood.

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