Stuck at Home? Knock Out Some Spring Cleaning

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Spring Cleaning
While we’re all experiencing a new temporary normal at home, we’re thinking about things to do while we’re practicing our social distancing. One of the many chores that you could practice is spring cleaning. Here are a few ways to tackle your spring cleaning this year.

Check your Cleaning Your Tools

Before you get started, you must make sure that the tools you use to clean your apartment are clean. Get fresh cleaning products that are safe and don’t have toxins.

Swap Out Your Wardrobe

As the season changes, you’ll want to swap out your winter clothes and begin wearing your spring clothes. Before you start wearing was them. Get rid of the musty smell with a vodka spritz, that’s right, use vodka to get out the must. Just add a little vodka to a spray bottle, spray your clothes and wash like you usually do.

Use T-shirts on Glass Services

Maybe you have a t-shirt that doesn’t quite fit. Use it to clean your mirrors and glass surfaces. Your T-shirts won’t streak and are lint-free.

Use Coffee Filters on Screens

Wiping fingerprints off screens can be tricky. You want to clean the fingerprints, but you don’t want to scratch your screens. Coffee filters are a great tool for a streak and scratch-free wipe down of TVs, computers, and phones.

Don’t Forget Your Dishwasher

Run white vinegar through your dishwasher. It will help it get rid of any calcium buildup from hard water and will keep your dishwasher running longer. Just dump a couple of cups of white vinegar in your dishwasher and run it on your hot cycle.

Clean Your Coffee Pot with Denture Tabs

Clean your coffee pot. Just add warm water to your auto-drip tank, then drop a couple of denture cleaning tablets and let them fully dissolve. Run your coffee pot with the tablets and then with warm water to clean the ins and outs of your pot.

While at home during COVID-19, take the opportunity to check a few seasonal chores off of your list. Find these tips and more here.

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