3 Resolutions for a Happier 2019

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New Year Resolution
As the holidays approach fast and furiously, it’s a time to do a lot of reflecting on the past year and think about things you might want to improve in 2019. That’s right – it’s time to come up with your New Year Resolutions. Before you begin jotting down ideas, take some time to think about what you really want to accomplish as well as goals that are attainable.

We’ve all heard about the regular New Year’s Resolutions such as losing weight, getting out of debt, getting married, the list goes on and on, but what about something that you can do for your happiness? Here are three ideas for you to consider as you think about 2019 and your resolution.

Getting Organized

Getting organized is a popular resolution for a good reason. It’s the basis for any other resolution. Clutter and disorganization will lead to added stress. By decluttering your life and living space, you’ll feel happier, less stressed, and motivated to complete any other resolutions.

Practice Mindfulness

We are all inundated with distractions, which makes it virtually impossible to be present and solely focused on the moment. Try practicing mindfulness and meditation in 2019! You’ll be surprised at how much more aware you are of what you’re doing at that moment. You’ll be able to let things go and will live life with calmness and less stress. You’ll be happier – who doesn't want that?

Show Gratitude

Try writing down things that your thankful for each day. It could be one, two, three or ten the number is up to you. However, when you practice and show gratitude every day, it gives a brief moment without worry or stress. Whether you do it each morning before the hustle and bustle of email and work or at night to settle down; showing gratitude will help you be happier in 2019.

As you’re thinking about 2019, think about being happier and less stressed. Think about spending 2019 in the moment and more alert, and then, you might be surprised that if you have other goals or resolutions, you’ll be able to achieve them a little easier.

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