Four Tips to Be the Ultimate Holiday Host

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Holiday Hosting

Houseguests? No problem!

It’s the holidays and the season where everyone gets together to celebrate. Whether you’re hosting a few friends for an evening of cocktails and dinner or you have houseguests staying for the long haul, you want to be the host or hostess with the most. Check out a few tips to make your holiday hosting duties less stressful and full of cheer.

Create a Little Welcome Kit

Make your guests feel at home with a small welcome basket. Write a little note welcoming your guests; include some house info like wifi passwords and garage codes to make them feel more at home. Also add extra toiletries, towels and maybe some small snacks.

A Warm Welcoming Scent

Create a cozy environment for your guests by filling your home with holiday scents. Create a simple stovetop potpourri with water, oranges, cloves, cranberries, and a little nutmeg. Your guests will feel like they’re in the North Pole with this beautiful scent.

Fill the Time with Decorating

Let’s face it; when you’re hosting houseguests, you’re really trying to fill time in between events. An excellent activity for filling time is to decorate Christmas Cookies! It’s a time-honored tradition that everyone can enjoy.

Create an Accessible Kitchen

The term “your home is ours” is never more real than during the holidays. Your kitchen is the centerpiece of all the action so before your guests arrive make sure that it’s decluttered and everything is accessible. Make a coffee and tea station so that your guests can help themselves. Create a nice spot on the counter where guests can access napkins, silverware, and plates. With basic needs accessible your guests won't shuffle through your cupboards, and they can help themselves, and you can take a break from hosting duties.

Perhaps the most important tip for the holidays is DON’T STRESS! If you have holiday houseguests, use these tips to make sure your holidays are full of cheer. If you need to get away, Cherry Creek North is full of restaurants and shopping that make the season even brighter.

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