This Year’s Hot Travel Trends

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Planning a Trip? Check Out The Most Current Travel Trends

Are you thinking about a big vacation this spring or summer? If so, here are a few travel trends to keep your eye on as your planning your next getaway.

Weekend Trips Will Be Popular

More and more travelers are expected to take advantage of weekend trips this year, rather than an extended vacation. Thanks to more flight options, cheaper flights, and on-demand transportation, it’s now easier to sneak a unique getaway in over the weekend.

Technology Will Be Part of Travel

If you’re in the dark ages and don’t use a smartphone, you’ll be left in the dust when you travel this year. Everything from booking your reservations to checking in with your airline, train, and other transportation will most likely be handled through your smartphone. You can find apps that will track your luggage in real time and even apps that act as your virtual travel agent.

The Caribbean Is Back!

After being devastated by hurricanes, the Caribbean Islands are bouncing back and open for business. With more flights available from more destinations, it’s easier and cheaper to soak up the islands. If you’re looking for a beach destination, check out the Caribbean Islands.

Solo Travel will Gain Speed

If you’re one who likes to fly solo on your travels, you’re not alone. The idea of packing up and heading off on vacation solo is becoming more and more popular this year. Fueled by the idea of exploring at your own pace, with no itinerary, is having solo explorers taking off to new destinations.

If you’re thinking about a getaway this year, keep these trends in mind when planning your trip. Download your favorite apps, pick your destination, and enjoy a little adventure. If you need a new place to come home, The Residences at Fillmore Plaza is waiting with luxury living that will have you feeling like you’re on vacation.

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