Five Things to Know About Denver Before You Move

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Are you looking for a little more altitude and want to move to the Mile High City? Sitting at 5280 feet, Denver is a thriving, diverse city. It’s passionate residents love Denver, and it’s culture. It’s home to a variety of neighborhoods all with their unique charm and laid-back personalities. We’re sure that you’ve done your research, but here are a few more things to keep in mind before relocating to Denver.

Getting Around

Having a car is excellent but not necessary when you live in and around Denver. The mountains are a drive, and, let’s admit, one of the reasons you’re probably moving to Colorado. Having a car makes that treck up I-70 to a plethora of ski resorts possible. But if you’re staying in the city, you can take advantage of public transportation including the light rail, as well as many bike and walking paths that wind through the city.

Be Prepared for Sun

Yes. You’ve probably heard about Colorado’s unpredictable weather. However, it’s home to over 300 days of sun each year. So pack your sunglasses and your sunscreen.

Altitude Sickness is a Thing

Even though you’re ready to bag that first fourteener, if you’re coming from a lower elevation, take some time to adjust. It’s a big adjustment moving to this altitude and dry climate. Start small and work your way up. Always drink plenty of water. Altitude sickness can occur when you’re not prepared and get dehydrated while your body is adjusting.

Bring or Buy a Snow Shovel

It snows here, and you should have a snow shovel at the ready. Even though the city itself only gets about 50 inches of snow a year, it’s spread out and you just never know when Mother Nature will wreak havoc.

Denver Love Sports

Whether it’s professional sports teams like the Broncos or Rockies or outdoor adventures, Denver is a sports town. If you’re looking to make new friends, it’s easy to start up a conversation about sports in this town.

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